There's just something wonderful about helping people. To see them smile when they first look at a beautiful cake and then lose themselves completely after tasting its perfection. And what is so special? Behind that delicious flavor is an actual, healthy recipe. Decadent and delicious without any artificial flavoring, gluten, or trans fats. Quite a way of life.

Thanks for being a part of mine,


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Marilyn’s Bubble Bread™ Mix is soon to become your favorite way to bake bread, ever. All you need to create this big beautiful loaf of fluffy gluten free bread is; one bag of mix, 12oz. of any carbonated beverage, and 1 egg, that’s it!

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  • Fruit Cake

  • Buttermilk Biscuits

  • Jalapeno Cheese Straws

  • I LOVE YOUR CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY! My favorite is the chocolate chip cupcake!!!!!

    Larri Rose

  • Best cupcakes ever! I religiously buy one once month to treat myself. The only problem is that other allergen free carrot cakes just aren't good enough anymore!

    Maya Preisler

  • Yum!!!!! Enjoying a piece of the chocolate chip cake with chocolate frosting that I picked up today. It's AWESOME!!!!

    Nancy Bousquet