Admiral Bunnington’s Story



Admiral Bunnington is the iconic bunny on the American Gra-Frutti logo. He’s the face of American Gra-Frutti and has his own amazing story to tell. Admiral Bunnington and his crew, after a wild Boston tea party, proudly set sail on the USS “Old Iron Ears.” They were out to capture pirates in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, they sailed into a strong gale and shipwrecked on a small island that was not on their charts. After they washed up on the beach, with their once regal ship smashed to ill repair, Admiral Bunnington carefully rationed the remainder of the salvaged supplies. Fortunately, they had some barrels of flour from Minnesota stowed away that had not been damaged. The Admiral decided to send out two scouting parties of brave bunny sailors to forage for food. Some of them came back with nuts, and some with berries. Immediately, Petty Officer Bunny Benjamin from the galley was put in charge of fruity foods, and his assistant, sailor Bunny Earl was put in charge of nutty foods. Ah, but frustration ran throughout as the nutty nuts got dropped into the fruity fruits, and landed in a barrel of flour that was to be used for a special feast. The Admiral’s birthday, no less!! A ruckus broke out between the food handlers. What a sight! And what a mess! Oars were in the barrel with each sailor bunny trying to retrieve his find for the Admiral. Admiral Bunnington returned from an outing anxious to see if there would be rations for the days to come, and of course for his birthday! Without hesitating, he reached into the barrel with his hand and grabbed a sample of this strange mixture. After savoring a mouthful, he said, “By golly! this is the best concoction I’ve tasted in my entire naval career! “My compliments to the chef!” “Avast me hardies…Argh!!!” “What is the name of this admirable treat?” exclaimed Admiral Bunnington. “It’s so…Gra-Frutti!!” What shall we call it?” Sailor Bunny Bartholomew spoke right up and said…”We should call it “AMERICAN Gra-Frutti”, and so it was. It was the happiest birthday celebration the Admiral ever imagined! After foraging again for more ingredients, the sailor bunnies discovered a buried treasure chest filled with gold and jewels. It was unanimous that the chest should be used to store American Gra-Frutti. So the chest was emptied, and the Gra-Frutti was the new treasure stored safely in the chest. The Bunny crew all cheered, danced and rejoiced filling themselves with American Gra-Frutti. The bunny sailors thrived and became stronger, healthier, and fuzzier as time went by. Eventually, the entire crew was rescued, and Admiral Bunnington proudly named the Island “Gra-Frutti Island”, which will never be forgotten. The American Gra-Frutti Story™ Written by Marilyn Santulli Click here to read the biography of Admiral Bunnington’s artist.


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