Dec 03, 2018 By C. W. Cameron, For the AJC There’s an industrial park in Roswell that is home to a wide range of businesses, from dentists to a church, to a shop with antique furniture. The tantalizing aroma wafting from an office at the end of one of the rows of buildings in […]

These muffins are SO versatile. Use whatever granola, oil/butter, and dried fruits you happen to have left in your pantry. Great for whipping up quickly when you don’t have time to make a special trip to the store! The chia seeds, dried fruits, and nut butter, supply your brain with valuable fiber, fat, and vitamins […]

These cookies are crisp and delicately flavored.  The sprinkle of lavender scented sugar on top finishes this cookie with a special bouquet and sweetness that makes them rather special.  Start the lavender sugar one week in advance to get a well-developed flavor. Note: Please be sure all of the lavender you use is culinary grade, […]

Prepare cookie sheets with gluten free spray or parchment paper   Cream together: ½ C butter ½ C coconut oil ¾ C. granulated sugar 1 large egg   Add zest from one fresh lemon and 1 TBSP lemon juice    In a separate bowl, mix: 3 C. Marilyn’s Gluten Free Gourmet Multi-Purpose Baking Mix 1 […]

  Follow directions and ingredients list of the Marilyn’s Gourmet Gluten Free Traditional White Sandwich Bread Mix with the following changes: Change the 3 Tbsp of vegetable oil to 3 Tbsp Rosemary Infused Oil. Add a scant tablespoon of chopped Rosemary to the bowl with the eggs, oil, vinegar, and lemon juice. To the flour […]

Angel food cakes are very versatile, great with fresh fruit, frosted or layered for a trifle type of dessert. Of course, it is also possible that someone will just grab a handful of cake and run! No matter how many times I make angel cakes, I am delighted and fascinated by the process. The egg […]

In separate bowlsSeparate two large eggs. Cream together the following in a large bowl: ½ C butter ½ C cream cheese 1/2 C brown sugar 2 egg yolks  1 tsp. water 1tsp. gluten free vanilla In a medium sized bowl stir together: 2 C. Marilyn’s Gourmet Gluten free Multipurpose Flour ¼ tsp salt ½ tsp. […]

An old fashioned traditional New England porridge style yeast bread that is made without kneading and has only one rising! Moist and sturdy with a slight sweetness, superb as a sandwich bread or toasted with jam. Not your typical yeast bread. Growing up in rural Vermont, this was a family favorite that I am proud […]

Bake in preheated 350 degree oven ¼ C butter or butter substitute such a Coconut oil 1 Cup brown sugar 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 C Gluten free flour mix 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg  1 teaspoon baking soda 1 C. sour cream ( or plain yogurt) 1 cup shredded coconut 1/2 C pecans or walnuts, chopped […]